• 3110 Standards Waveform Generator 3110
    Standards Waveform Generator
    The 3110 is an audio-bandwidth standards waveform generator. It includes a large library of Automotive and Aviation Standards' test routines.
  • Protection Relay Testing Protection Relay Testing 100 Amps, 200 Volts, 0.1 degree phase accuracy. AE Techron model 7548RLY
  • EMC Power Susceptibility Testing EMC Power Susceptibility Testing DC to 300 kHz bandwidth. Reproduces DC, AC and DC offset AC waveforms. Recommended by Ford for CS2009. AE Techron model 7224.
  • 7794 Battery Simulator Transient Immunity Testing The 7794 was designed to be used as a battery substitute for transient immunity testing requiring a battery and can produce up to 60A continuous at 13.8 VDC.


ATIS-0600315. 2007
/ GR-1089-CORE (Section 10) Testing Systems -
from 50 - 200 amps:
AE Techron 4301 Test Systems