5 kVA, DC to 250 kHz, Three-Phase

7794 &

7700 Series

Audio-bandwidth linear power amplifiers for EMC testing

  • Stable when driving highly capacitive loads
  • Field-selectable controlled-voltage or controlled-current operation
  • Can be switched between rail supply modes to optimize for various load impedances
  • Protection circuits guard against over/under voltage, over current, overtemperature, and circulating ground currents

Key Performance Capabilities:

  • Up to 5000 watts RMS power output
  • Small signal response up to 250 kHz
  • Up to 60A at 13.5 VDC
  • Output voltages up to ±180 Vp
  • Can be used to create series or parallel systems for up to 3 times the voltage or 4 times the current output

AE Techron's 7700-Series amplifiers offer great power and flexibility. The series consists of two models; each model can be used as a free-standing gain block or combined in multiples to achieve high voltage (300 V RMS at 50 A RMS) or high current (up to 240A at 13.5 VDC continuously).

The 7794 was designed with a very low output impedance and is able to produce up to 60A continuous at 13.8 VDC, making it an excellent battery substitute for transient immunity testing. It is also capable of producing the 80V surges required for DO-160G section abnormal surge testing and is well suited for ISO 7637 pulse 2b and 4 testing.

The 7796, when run in controlled-current mode, is a perfect choice to drive medium to large diameter Helmholtz coils and radiatiors like those specified in Ford FMC1278 (RI140, RI150).




AC Power at 20 kHz: 5000 watts RMS (0.5-ohm load); 50 V RMS, 100A RMS
Small Signal: 28V p-p to 250 kHz
DC Power: 60A at 13.5 VDC; 106A at 28 VDC
Output Voltage: ±100 Vp

7794 Tech Specs    



AC Power at 20 kHz: 5000 watts RMS (2-ohm load); 100 V RMS, 50A RMS
Small Signal: 28V p-p to 250 kHz
DC Power: 30A at 28 VDC (13.5 VDC not recommended)
Output Voltage: ±180 Vp

7226 Tech Specs    


Output Impedance 3.2 mΩ + 2.2 µH
Noise Floor <75 µV
Durable Design 7794 and 7796 amplifiers are built and tested to the most stringent quality standards for long life and outstanding performance
Change from controlled-voltage to controlled-current operation Field-adjustable control mode and compensation settings
Parallel Operation Up to four amplifiers can be connected in parallel for added current output
Series Operation Up to three amplifiers can be connected in series for greater voltage
Ground-lift / Circulating Current Protection Designed to protect the amplifier, DUT, and signal source from accidental ground loops

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