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7224 Amplifier Recognized by Ford for EMC-CS-2009 Testing

April 7, 2011 - Ford Motor Company has evaluated the AE Techron 7224 amplifier and has added it to the Ford Recognized Test Equipment list of test equipment found to be acceptable for use when performing EMC testing per EMC-CS-2009. Relevant test requirements for which the 7224 may be used include: RI 140, RI 150, CI 210, CI 230, CI 250 and CI 260. Ford has noted that the 7224 provides a wide bandwidth in excess of 200 kHz, a capability that will meet or exceed the relevant test requirements for EMC-CS-2009.

The 7224 is capable of providing continuous DC at 13.5 volts while, at the same time, also producing high-frequency AC in excess of 200 kHz (+/-1 dB at 1 watt, 8-ohm load). Previously, Ford had recommended the now-discontinued Techron 7560 amplifier for EMC-CS-2009 testing. While the Techron 7560 could provide a frequency response up to 100 kHz, the 7224 provides over twice the bandwidth available with the 7560. This improved performance will be valuable in today's environment of continually increasing RFI.

"We appreciate Ford Motor Company's continued recognition of AE Techron products," said Larry Shank, AE Techron President. "Since its beginning, AE Techron has focused on development of power conversion and amplifier systems for the most difficult environments."

In addition to its wider frequency range, the 7224 offers several advantages over its predecessor and other competing testing equipment. Weighing just 41 lbs (18.6 kg), the 7224 has half the weight of the 7560. Its slim, 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) height allows it to be rack-mounted using only 2U (standard EIA 19-inch rack units).

The 7224 internal assemblies have been designed with minimal external wiring and connectors, providing increased endurance and reliability. Its robust, linear power supply results in extremely low noise, and its bi-level switch design limits heat dissipation to output devices.

The 7224 operates from single-phase, 50-60Hz AC and is available in both 120 V and 220/240 V models. It has received CE certification and bears the CE Marking.

More information on the 7224 can be found on the AE Techron website