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CE Marking Granted to AE Techron Product Line-up

May 27, 2011 – AE Techron announced today that it has received CE Mark approval to market its 7224, 7548 and 7796 DC-enabled linear amplifiers in the European Union.

AE Techron's 7224 is a 1kW power amplifier that provides a small-signal bandwidth of DC to 300 kHz. It is capable of 20A at 13.5VDC with a 150Vpk voltage or 50Apk pulse potential. The 7224 is typically used to create waveforms found in EMC standards like CS2009, DO-160, MIL STD 461, and as a gradient amplifier for very small bore, high-gain MRI and NMR systems.

The 7548 is a 3kW power amplifier that has a DC to 150kHz small signal bandwidth. It is capable of 25Arms at 117Vrms and has a 180Vpk voltage potential. The 7548 can be combined in a three-phase system ideal for MIL-STD-704F (AC and 28VDC tests) and can be combined in series or parallel with other 7548 power amplifiers.

The 7796 is a 5kW power amplifier that has a DC to 150kHz small signal bandwidth and is available in standard and HC configurations. HC configurations can produce 98A continuously into 0.25-ohm loads and feature slew rates of 40V/uS. The 7796 can be used as a self-contained, general purpose amplifier or combined into systems for doing  three-phase or high-current testing.