7136: Up to 15 Ap/300 Vp, DC to 50 kHz, Single-Phase

7136 amplifier


High-speed AC/DC Amplifier with Precision DC Supply

  • 180V RMS at 5 amps
  • User-variable DC offset: ±2V or ±20V
  • User-adjustable current limit: 1A to 25A
  • Compact 2U height; weighs only 40 lbs.
  • AC or DC coupled
  • Four quadrant operation
  • AE Techron Tough: Protection from over-temperature, over-current, over/under supply voltages; will drive capacitive and inductive loads

Key Performance Capabilities:

  • Up to 900 watts RMS power output
  • Small signal response up to 400 kHz
  • 5A from 13.5V DC to 48 VDC
  • Slew rate: 165 V/µs
  • Maximum output voltage: ±300 Vp or ±150 Vp

AE Techron’s 7136 is a high-voltage, 900-VA, four-quadrant, AC and DC amplifier that provides exceptional versatility and value. Compact size, user configurability, DC-Max™ topology, and AE Techron toughness makes the 7136 the ideal lab partner for DO-160 Section 16 AC with DC offset testing, or any application where more voltage or current is needed than is available from the signal source.

Compact Power

The 7136 weighs just 40 pounds and fits into a 2U rack space, but still can output up to 900 watts RMS continuous. This makes the 7136 a great choice when size or portability are important selection criteria.


Front panel user controls give the 7136 a wide range of possible uses; gain, maximum current, and DC offset can be fixed or infinetely varied. The choice of AC or DC coupling makes it suitable both for DC applications and for driving objects like coupling transformers or piezo elements that shouldn’t see DC. All controls can be turned off when only a durable, high-current amplifier or DC source is needed. Or each function can be individually enabled to provide the unique set of capabilities needed at the moment.

The 7136 can produce a DC output without an input signal. DC output is independent of input signal and amplifier gain. This DC capability, when combined with an input signal from a function generator, creates a versatile DC source with high-speed ripple and dropout capabilities.


7136 is built with our new DC-Max topology. Amplifiers with DC-Max have long term DC power that is more than 40% greater than traditional designs. This increased DC performance better matches the power requirements found in DC conducted immunity and PSRR testing.

AE Techron Toughness

The 7136 is compact in size, but it is designed using the same conservative design rules and protection systems that have made AE Techron amplifiers the toughest audio bandwidth amplifiers available.


AC Output

Note: Testing performed into resistive loads as specified. Performance reported is typical into the specified load up to 20 kHz frequency levels. Performance may be affected when operating into highly reactive loads or above 20 kHz, reducing maximum voltage, current and power output.

High-voltage Mode



40mSec Pulse,
20% Duty Cycle
5 Min,
100% Duty Cycle
1 Hr,
100% Duty Cycle
5 Min,
100% Duty Cycle
1 Hr,
100% Duty Cycle
Volts Amps Volts Amps Volts Amps Volts Amps Volts Amps Watts
Open 300.0 0.0 300.0 0.0 300.0 0.0 211.0 0.0


0.0 0
32 288.0 9.0 258.8 8.1 258.0 8.1 183.0 5.7 170.0 5.3 903
24 263.0 11.0 206.0 12.9 186.4 7.8 167.0 6.9 131.8 5.5 729
16 231.0 14.4 202.0 12.6 87.8 5.5 143.0 9.1 62.1 3.9 241

High-current Mode



40mSec Pulse,
20% Duty Cycle
5 Min,
100% Duty Cycle
1 Hr,
100% Duty Cycle
5 Min,
100% Duty Cycle
1 Hr,
100% Duty Cycle
Volts Amps Volts Amps Volts Amps Volts Amps Volts Amps Watts
Open 184.0 0.0 184.0 0.0 184.0 0.0 127.0 0.0 127.0 0.0 0
16 142.0 8.9 134.8 8.4 134.8 8.4 95.3 6.0 95.3 6.0 568
8 125.0 24.3 117.0 14.6 117.0 14.6 83.0 10.4 83.0 10.4 861
4 100.0 25.0 89.6 22.4 42.0 10.5 63.3 15.8 29.7 7.4 221

DC Output

Note: Testing performed in high-current mode.


OUTPUT (Amperes)

Volts DC 5 Minutes,
100% Duty Cycle
1 Hour,
100% Duty Cycle
48 7.5 6.0
24 7.0 5.4
13.5 6.0 5.0


Frequency Data

7118 Frequency Response
7118 Voltage Potential vs. Frequency

Thermal & Noise

7118 Noise

Front & Back

7136 Front Panel
       7136 Back Panel



Testing was done at 1 kHz. Continuous DC power levels are lower. See DC Specifications chart for test conditions.

Frequency Response, DC - 150 kHz (1 watt): +0.0 to -3.0 dB
32-Ohm Power Response (continuous duty):
   DC to 60 kHz: ± 250 Vpk
   DC to 200 kHz: ± 130 Vpk
Slew Rate: >165 V/µSec
Residual Noise:
   10 Hz to 22 kHz:
<549 µV (0.549 mV)
   10 Hz to 500 kHz: <1485 µV (1.485 mV)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
   10 Hz - 22 kHz:
–109 dB
   10 Hz - 500 kHz: –102 dB
THD (DC - 50 kHz): less than 0.1%
DC Offset: Less than ±1 mV
DC Drift (after 1 minute of operation): Less than ±400 µV
Output Impedance: 20 mOhm in Series with 0.95 µH
Phase Response (10 Hz - 10 kHz) : ±10 degrees plus 1 µsec propagation delay

Input Characteristics

Balanced with ground: Three terminal barrier block connector, 20k ohm differential
Balanced with ground: Back-panel DB-9 connector (pins 1, 2 and 3), 20k ohm differential
Unbalanced: BNC connector, 10k ohm single ended.
Gain (variable or fixed), 
   Voltage Mode: 40 volts/volt;
   Current Mode: 5 amperes/volt
Gain Linearity (over input signal, from 0.2V to 5V):
   AC: 0.15%
   DC: 0.05%
Max Input Voltage: ±10V, balanced or unbalanced

Communication Capabilities
(via back-panel DB-9 Control Port)

Current Monitor: 5A/V ± 1%
Reporting: System Fault
Remote Control: Emergency Stop

Display, Control, Status, I/O

Front Panel,
   Toggle Switch for:
25A fixed or variable
      Variable Control Knob:
1 - 25A
   COUPLING Switch:
AC or DC
None or Variable
      Variable Control Knob:
±2V (configurable for ±20V)
   RAIL V Switch (voltage potential):
360V or 180V
40X fixed or variable
      Variable Control Knob:
0 - 40X
   LED Displays indicate:
Power, Signal, Overload, Fault
   Signal Input: Unbalanced BNC or balanced Barrier Strip
   Signal Output: One pair of 5-Way Binding Posts; accepts wire up to 12 AWG
Back Panel,
   Power Connection: 15 Amp IEC (with retention latch)
   DB-9 Connector for: Balanced signal input, remote emergency stop, fault monitor, current monitor


Over/Under Voltage:
± 10% from specified supply voltage amplifier is forced to Standby
Over Current:
Fuse protection on both main power and low voltage supplies
Over Temperature:
Separate output transistor, heat sink, and transformer temperature monitoring and protection

Physical Characteristics

The Amplifier is designed for stand- alone or rack-mounted operation. The Chassis is steel with a black powder coat finish. The unit occupies two EIA RU.
Weight: 40 lbs (18.1 kg), Shipping 50 lbs (22.7 kg)
AC Power: Single phase, 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 20 Amp service; (220-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 10 Amp service model available*)
Operating Temperature:
10°C to 50°C (50°F to 122°F), maximum output Power de-rated above 30°C (86°F).
Humidity: 70% or less, non-condensing
Cooling: Two-speed forced air cooling from front to back.
Dimensions: 19.0 in. x 22.75 in. x 3.5 in. (48.3 cm x 57.8 cm x 8.9 cm)

*This model does not carry the CE mark.


7136 Datasheet

Complete technical specifications

7100 Series Operator's Manual

For 7100-series amplifiers

Recommended Accessories

T 1000

T 1000

Coupling Transformer

Turns Ratio: 10-to-1 step down
Output: Up to 100 Arms

T 2000

T 2000

Coupling Transformer

Turns Ratio: 2-to-1 step down
Audio Power: 200 watts MAX

T 3700

T 3700

Coupling Transformer

Turns Ratio: 1-to-37 step up
Output: Up to 3700 Vrms

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