AE Techron, was founded as Audio Electronics Inc., in August of 1992, by former Techron employees.

Its purpose has been to create custom, high quality, low volume, electronic products for research, the military and industry.

Out of this work has come a line of standardized power amplifier products and an inventory of electronic building blocks that helps us to provide quick to market custom electronic solutions for our customers.


AE Techron has focused on quick to market development of power conversion and amplifier systems for difficult environments.

Steady Growth

AE Techron has grown steadily since its beginnings and now consists of four separate product and service areas:

  • AE Techron Standard Power Supplies.
  • AE Techron custom design and manufacturing services.
  • Repair of Techron and AE Techron Power Supplies.
  • Repair of Crown Legacy Audio Products.