3110 Standards Waveform Generator Demo Software

The 3110 features a versatile drag-and-drop interface that is easy to learn and use. New tests are created by adding segments from the Add Wave and Add Control drop-downs. Drag a segment to change its position in the test. When waveform properties are changed, the display dynamically changes to represent the adjusted waveform. Add controls such as fixed loops, variable loops and triggers to easily program complex waveform sequences.

3110 Standards Waveform Generator

Interface and Remote Control Software

  • AE Techron’s powerful 3110 Standards Waveform Generator features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to load, alter and create custom waveform sequences and Standards tests. The drag-and-drop interface is versatile yet very easy to learn and use, greatly reducing the time required for test creation and editing.
  • SWG Remote software, which functions the same as the 3110 interface, is also included with each unit. It can be installed on an unlimited number of workstations to provide remote control of the 3110 and allow test files to be created or edited offline.
  • The 3110 also ships with an extensive library of tests for many automotive and aviation Standards. Test files can be edited, if desired, and then saved as custom tests. Automate a series of tests by loading them into one file; insert GPIO triggers and output segments to communicate remotely with other test equipment.

Download Demo Software

  • Demo Software (WIN 7, 8, or 10): The free Demo software provided here is a limited version of the SWG Remote software. The "Save File" command and some functions that require the 3110 hardware have been disabled, but all other capabilities of the full version have been retained. Sample test files from the 3110's Standards Library have been included with the Demo software.

Installation Instructions

The AE Techron 3110 Demo software can be installed on PC workstations running Microsoft Windows versions 7, 8 or 10. Because the Demo software requires significant video processing, the performance of other programs running simultaneously on the PC may be noticably diminished. We recommend that you close other programs when running the Demo software and close the Demo when finished to free those resources for other applications.

The Demo software can be safely installed on computers containing a working copy of the AE Techron 3110 Remote software. The Demo will be installed in a different location on the workstation and will not affect any settings or files associated with the 3110 Remote software.

Complete the following steps to download and install the 3110 Demo Software:

1. Click on the Download Demo Software button.

Download Demo Software

2. When prompted, save the file to your local hard drive or another location of your choice.

3. Open the software installation file and, when prompted, select Run to run the installation program.

NOTE: The Security Warning shown below may appear because the Demo software currently is NOT signed (we're working on that). It's ok to go ahead and select "Run."

4. In the next window, you can choose to not add a start-up shortcut for the Demo to your desktop by de-selecting the checked box, or leave the box checked to create the shortcut. Then press the Next button to continue.

5. Press the Install button in the next window to begin the installation.

6. In the next window, press the Finish button to close the installation window and launch the Demo program. You can choose to not automatically launch the Demo software by de-selecting the checked box before you press the Finish button.

Demo Software Tutorial

We recommend that you start with our Demo Software Tutorial. It gives you a logical, step-by-step tour through the Demo and answers many frequently asked questions.

Press the Tutorial icon below to download the full tutorial (pdf format),

Tutorial download

How to add waveform segments and edit the waveform properties?

How to add controls–like Triggers, Fixed Loops and Variable Loops–to quickly create powerful test sequences?

How to load and edit a test from the Standards Library?

Help Files

The 3110's online Help system provides assistance while using the 3110. Once the 3110 Demo program is installed, simply press the Help button in the top right of the screen to open the Help system.

Select the topic "Basic Operation" to learn basic operations such as opening a test file, adding a waveform, and repositioning elements in the test sequence.

Other topics cover how to calibrate the 3110 system, how to change the system settings and how to edit the properties of each waveform and control type.

We also provide the complete 3110 Help files in pdf format here.

3110 Help Files

Online Help Files

Accessing the online Help system.

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